Property Services Inc. performs the extra services that keep tenants happy. PSI will assist property owners and managers with tenants' requirements in their individual suites and premises.

Project Management
PSI will lead projects from planning through budgeting to implementation.
The company will design, build, perform space planning, and carry out moves,
including office furniture acquisitions, configuration of workstations and cabling.

PSI will assist tenants in achieving their goals for their individual units with items not covered in their leases, from repairs to major renovations. PSI selects resources for each project from proven high-quality suppliers and subcontractors that bring the best value to tenants. The company’s familiarity with local building regulations and its expertise in project logistics ensure project completion on time, within budget, with minimal disruption to ongoing business operations.

PSI can also assist with tenant security by facilitating the installation of locks and camera systems and can upgrade existing security systems, including sophisticated closed circuit TV systems.

Tenant Retention
PSI will go the extra mile to keep tenants happy – its professional staff delivers first-class service to commercial and residential tenants.