Property Services Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in construction services, and this is an important element of the company’s strategy to satisfy customers’ wide-ranging needs. PSI’s extensive capabilities and experience deliver one-stop-shopping for construction services. PSI designs, builds, completes space planning for, and facilitates all aspects of construction.

PSI has completed more than 5,000 commercial and residential projects involving buildings of various sizes and complexities. The company has undertaken assignments for new construction and renovations from 3,000 to more than 100,000 square feet. PSI’s extensive network of professionals (architects, engineers, project managers and trades people) delivers quality services, on time and within budget.

PSI can take on any type of project, from simple office space builds to demanding specialty projects, in any sector. Its familiarity with various local building codes and regulations and its expertise in project logistics ensure project completion on time, within budget, and with a minimum of disruption to clients’ ongoing business operations.

PSI monitors all details of customer projects from start to finish using project management principles such as scheduling and cost tracking to clarify milestones and keep projects on track and on budget. PSI will select resources for each project from proven high-quality suppliers and subcontractors that bring the best value
to tenants.

Specializing in renovations of various properties, PSI can redevelop all facets of a property. For interior work, this includes:

• Lighting
• Sophisticated security systems
• Building automation systems
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
• Partition walls
• Flooring
• Fire and life safety requirements
• Electrical and mechanical systems
• Plumbing
• Asbestos removal
• Correction of construction deficiencies
• Retrofitting
• Demolition and disposal.

Exterior work that PSI does includes

• Façade restoration
• Power washing
• Water penetration corrections
• Interlocking pavement
• Concrete work
• Window replacements
• Painting
• Asphalt repairs
• Camera system installation
• Roofing
• Landscaping
• Demolition and disposal.

Construction Services and Project Management

Construction and project management are part of PSI’s unique service packages. The company manages construction jobs from the simple to the very complex by providing a full spectrum of services, including planning; scheduling; preparation of architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural plans and specifications; tendering and executing the approved project. The client’s needs are always the first priority.

Architectural and Engineering
• Clarify and define the client’s budget and project objectives
• Develop the design in draft form for final approval

Site Assessment

• Examine and evaluate the proposed project

• Determine the actual site conditions and identify potential problem areas, including performing non-destructive and destructive tests, as necessary

• Prepare a report on the findings, make recommendations and prepare an outline of the scope of the work

• Develop a preliminary project schedule, including forecasting critical lead times for special-order materials and equipment

• Provide recommendations for major components and materials, with costing and suggested alternatives

Design and Specification

• Complete final design details, permits, working drawings and schematics to accompany the specifications, where applicable

• Coordinate teams of specialists, including architects, engineers and consultants

• Obtain interim approval

Tendering and Quotations

• Prepare request for proposal

• Produce tender packages

• Pre-qualify contractors and submit recommendations for bidders list

• Meet with bidders on site to familiarize them with the work

• Open tenders and prepare a recommendation and budget for final approval.

Contract Administration

PSI manages and executes multi-million-dollar construction projects for governments and in the private sector. Its project management approach is supported by mainstream project management software, allowing the company to remain in control of project implementation and enabling it to ensure that schedules are being met and budgets are being adhered to.

Upon acceptance of the project, PSI will ensure that the contract is administered according to the tender criteria, including

• Managing project costs to obtain the best value for the client as the job progresses
• Consolidating the benefits of integrated work teams
• Managing construction schedules
• Overseeing payment schedules
• Processing insurance documents
• Managing contract breakdowns
• Maintaining a list of subcontractors
• Producing monthly reports
• Approving progress draws for payment from contractors
• Attending site meetings.

Substantial Performance Certificate

Property Services Inc. will

• Issue the certificate of substantial performance and deficiency list according to the provisions of the Construction Lien Act

• Ensure that appropriate commissioning procedures are followed

• Advise the client on the paperwork required and procedures for project close-out

• Prepare a detailed deficiency list prior to total completion

• Assist the client in establishing a strategy for the correction of deficiencies.

Project Turnover

PSI will provide

• Maintenance manuals
• Operating manuals
• Equipment commissioning
• As-built and electronic drawings
• Final inspection certificate
• Warranty certificate.

Building Audits

PSI assists building owners in protecting their investment by

• Performing building technical audits
• Performing building inspections
• Documenting deficiencies
• Making recommendations
• Evaluating maintenance programs.

Standard building audits include inspecting the integrity of and reporting on the following:

Architectural and Structural
- exterior and interior building structure
- roofing
- parking area

Mechanical and Electrical Systems
- heating and cooling
- ventilation
- domestic hot water
- drainage
- electrical

Fire Protection and Security Systems
- fire: heat detectors, smoke alarms, pressurization systems and voice communication
- security: electric door strike and magnetic lock battery backups

When a building audit is complete, PSI will prepare a budget outlining the costs for the specific work required.