PSI’s professional staff facilitates all aspects of property management, relieving clients of the burden of everyday management tasks and giving them peace of mind.

Financial Management

PSI offers full accounting services under generally accepted accounting principles



• Professional accounting administration

• Accurate, easy-to-read monthly or quarterly financial reports

• Annual audit book and auditor liaison

• Annual operating budget preparation for owner approval

• Expense control and monitoring

• Annual tax, maintenance and insurance calculations and invoicing

• Assessment appeals and reporting to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

• Vacancy rebate applications

• Income forecasting

• Attendance at condominium board meetings, taking minutes as needed


• Invoicing, collections, banking, bill payment, government remittances (GST etc.) and .payroll if required

Capital Investment Insurance

• Clients can protect their investments by insulating against financial loss, loss of business income, or any other threat to a property

• PSI shops for the best policies and rates on behalf of clients

• PSI monitor government programs that may assist property owners and managers retain/increase their property value.


• In addition to using industry resources, PSI is experienced in marketing the space and preparing lease agreements

• PSI calculates the net effective rent, rent per square foot after deducting tenant inducement payments, rent-free periods, commissions, and so forth.

Tenant Retention and Relations

PSI takes painstaking care to understand what customers want. PSI offers the

following services to help clients achieve their property management goals:

• Tenant construction, repairs, upgrades, walls, doors and locks

• Development of specifications for upgrades

• Prices 15 to 20 percent lower than competitors’ prices

• Lease renegotiation as required when market conditions change or at renewal time.