Property Services Inc. uses sophisticated computer systems to remotely control building operations. The Building Automation System is a computer network that manages control systems, including security and camera systems, efficiently and effectively.

Direct digital control systems harness state of the art technology and connect multiple building systems to one location, allowing for expansion or repairs quickly and efficiently.

PSI monitors building systems from convenient locations with a PC, either locally or remotely, by telephone or via the Internet. Personnel are able to troubleshoot and assist customers with their facilities 24 hours a day, seven days
a week.

Technology allows us to provide customers with these important services remotely:
View properties via Internet-connected cameras
• Change heating and air conditioning settings
• Turn elevator access on and off
• Turn lights on and off
• Lock and unlock doors
• Delete and add users to security systems
• Provide accounting and management reports in real time.

Online Systems
PSI’s customers benefit from a private internal network, affording immediate property care as required via various technologies, including Internet-enabled systems.

PSI automatically forwards requests to on-site building operations personnel through integrated phone systems, wireless email and data transfer, pagers, cellular telephones, and hand-held PDAs, allowing
• Immediate placement and processing of online work orders
• Guaranteed 30-minute response
• 24-hour emergency response: staff and managers are on duty seven days a week
• Online daily activity building reports
• Online financial statements
• Web hosting of building plans.