Recommendations you can rely on

Property Services Inc. assists investors with management of property assets by
• Formulating investment objectives
• Sourcing suitable properties
• Arranging for property evaluations and appraisals
• Preparing pre-offer inspection reports
• Setting up property management
• Developing required reporting.

The People
Providing real-estate solutions

Property Services Inc. provides a professional environment composed of innovative and dedicated individuals. Their talents and creative abilities help the investors and clients they represent achieve their goals. Investing in the training and development of people ensures successful implementation of clients’ management plans.

Financial Reporting and Information Technology
Knowledge is power

One of the major features of PSI’s state of the art financial reporting system is its ability to immediately access current and accurate information. Every property can access the same information available to corporate headquarters via the Internet.

The system has enormous flexibility and can adapt to any particular reporting format that a client may require.